Is Cremation Right For You?

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Making arrangements for your funeral is an important and personal decision. Many people have religious beliefs or take part in a cultural tradition that influences their preference for burial and cremation options. If you’re uncertain which method is right for you, keep reading to learn about your cremation and burial options.

Cost Considerations
Cost considerations are often a major factor when it comes to selecting burial and cremation options. Direct cremation is the least expensive option, as it avoids embalming and visitation costs. Losing a loved one is difficult in many ways, including financially; this cost-effective method can ease your financial burden. In contrast, burial comes with numerous additional costs, including outer burial containers, gravestones, and burial plots at cemeteries.

Environmental Considerations
Environmental considerations may play a part in your choosing cremation. For example, the rapid industrialization of our times has caused a land shortage. Many people choose cremation to avoid contributing to this shortage. On the other hand, there are some environmental concerns related to gas emissions during cremation. If you or your family has a strong feeling about either of these issues, it may influence your ultimate decision.

Memorial Service Considerations
Memorial Service Options are still available even when choosing cremation. Burials are usually accompanied by a visitation service and a funeral service, including the final disposition of the remains. Those who choose cremation may opt for a memorial service in which the cremated remains are present during the service; and eventually scattered, retained at home, or buried at the cemetery in a burial plot or cremation niche. Keep in mind the fact that cremated remains can easily be relocated if needed, while this flexibility is not as easy with in-ground full body burial.

Planning a funeral can be an emotionally challenging experience. If you’re making funeral arrangements near San Diego, Greenwood Memorial Park can help walk you through your options. Call us today at (619) 701-6473 for more information about our cremation and burial services.

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