Water Conservation Efforts at Greenwood Memorial Park

The recent environmental crisis in California has changed the way many Californians look at the water supply. We at Greenwood Memorial Park are no exception. Governor Jerry Brown’s recent mandatory water restrictions have encouraged us to reevaluate water usage at our cemetery. As a result, we’re doing things a little differently around here in order to reduce our overall water consumption.

First, we are complying with the water restrictions by decreasing the daily and weekly levels of irrigation to the grass of our park. We are also in the midst of researching additional methods for reducing our water usage. One option that has caught our eye is a landscaping method called xeriscaping. This environmental design uses water-conserving techniques to decrease the need for supplemental irrigation. In addition, we are investigating new technology that could help us do our part to conserve water during this environmental crisis.

Greenwood Memorial Park is a cremation garden near San Diego. We offer funeral services, such as burial and cremation, in the peaceful environment of our memorial park. You can call (619) 701-6473 to hear more about our cemetery and funeral home.

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