The Environmental Benefits of Cremation

As we learn more about the environmental impact of burial, more and more people are choosing cremation services rather than burial in a cemetery. Cremation ceremonies, followed by the scattering of ashes in a cremation garden, or entombment in a columbarium, are much more eco-friendly than burial plots. Here’s a look at the environmental benefits of cremation when compared to burial in a cemetery.

Conserves Natural Land

A burial plot in a cemetery requires the permanent use of valuable natural land. A casket, body, and personalized memorial are placed in the burial plot for all time, preventing use of the land for something else. After cremation, remains can be scattered in a memorial park or cremation garden, turned into cremation jewelry or a cremation boulder, or entombed in a columbarium.

Prevents Release of Toxins into the Earth

Before placing a body in a cemetery burial plot, it must be embalmed using dangerous chemicals. The body must be placed in a casket, typically made from metal, wood, and fabrics also treated with chemicals. As the body and casket break down over time, they release harmful toxins into the earth, polluting the environment. A body doesn’t need to be embalmed prior to cremation, and a casket won’t be buried in a cemetery.

Preserves Energy and Resources

In general, cremation services require fewer resources and less energy. The cremation process itself consumes very little energy. Cremation doesn’t require the manufacturing of a casket, or production and use of chemicals or natural land. A cremation service simply consists of cremation, then scattering the ashes in a memorial park or conserving them in an urn or cremation jewelry.

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