What to Consider When You Pre-Plan a Funeral

Funeral pre-planning allows you to make important decisions regarding the funeral home, cemetery options, burial plot, and personalized memorial you would prefer after death. When you pre-plan a funeral, you can also protect your family from additional financial and emotional grief associated with making funeral arrangements. Here are some important factors to consider when planning your funeral or cremation service.

Your Preferred Funeral Home, Crematorium, and Cemetery Arrangements

You must decide which funeral home, crematorium, and cemetery to use. If you chose cremation, you must also determine which columbarium you’d like to be entombed in, or which memorial park or cremation garden your ashes should be scattered in. The director at your funeral home or crematorium will guide you through your cremation and cemetery options. You may need to pick out a burial plot, casket, urn, or personalized memorial.

Your Financial Options

Some crematoriums and funeral homes that specialize in pre-planning funerals will allow you to pre-pay for funeral service or cremation services. You can set up a payment plan and investigate your funeral insurance options. This will prevent the need for family or friends to worry about paying for your funeral or cremation themselves.

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