• The Answers to Your Pre-Planning Questions

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    Funeral pre-planning allows you to choose the type of funeral service and other arrangements you would like after your death; you may also pay for some or all of these funeral services ahead of time as well. Taking the time to plan for the funeral service you would like and discussing these wishes with your family can help to make the transition after your death easier and more meaningful for those you love.

    Do I have to plan everything?
    Pre-planning your funeral does not mean you need to determine every detail. You can work with your funeral home to develop a plan that meets your specific wishes, regardless of the level of planning you wish to complete. After you pass away, your family and your funeral home can determine the remaining details while following the wishes you have documented and purchased ahead of time.

    How do I make sure my wishes will be followed?
    After you’ve developed a plan or purchased funeral services from your funeral home, this information will be documented. You will receive receipts and other contact information, which should be kept in a safe place. Providing copies or information about where this information is located to one or more family members will ensure they know how to find your funeral pre-planning arrangements and can contact your funeral home to follow your wishes.

    What are my choices?
    Pre-planning a funeral allows you to take advantage of any and all funeral services offered by your funeral home, including body preparation and burial, cremation, and memorial services. Regardless of whether you want to be cremated or buried, your funeral home can help you arrange for the services you want to ensure you are able to make the choice that best fits you and your family.

    At Greenwood Memorial Park & Mortuary, we have the resources to help you pre-plan your funeral near San Diego. Our services include burial, cremation, veteran’s honors, and more to help you create a personalized memorial that fits. You can find out more about us on the web, or by calling (619) 701-6473.

  • Factors to Consider When Planning the Visitation

    Many funeral services are preceded by a visitation or wake, during which family and friends pay their respects to the deceased. A wake can provide people with personal closure by allowing them to visit with the deceased, as well as create a quiet time to offer support and sympathy to the surviving family.

    This video explains the purpose of a wake and how to plan this event. Some families opt to hold a wake in their own home at a time that is convenient for visitors, while others choose to hold the wake in the funeral home before the memorial service begins.

    Greenwood Memorial Park & Mortuary can help your family with funeral services that include funeral insurance policies and funeral pre-planning near San Diego. You can reach us by phone at (619) 701-6473 for help getting started, or click through our website to explore our burial and cremation services.

  • Demonstrating Respect at a Funeral

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    When attending a funeral service, it’s common for people to worry about saying or doing something that might offend the mourning family. However, by following a few simple guidelines, you can help ensure that you respectfully show your grief over the loss of the deceased.

    Express your sympathy.
    While it doesn’t have to be elaborate, it’s important to express your sympathy in some way. Just a few understanding words are enough to show the surviving family your respect for the deceased and your sympathy regarding their loss. During the funeral service, make a point to listen attentively and remain polite with your words.

    Wear appropriate clothing.
    When it comes to attire, what is considered respectful or not has changed drastically in recent years. For example, at some funerals, wearing black is not required, and still others will include a request for no black to be worn at all. The funeral announcement is likely to contain information about any particular dress code guidelines. Even if black is not required, bear in mind that it can be viewed as more respectful to not wear anything too wild or brash to the funeral.

    Give a gift.
    By bringing or sending an offering to the family, you can help express your respect for the deceased. In some cases, the family will prefer donations to a designated charity, rather than gifts or flowers. If this is the case, you should find the charity noted in the funeral announcement.

    Introduce Yourself
    When attending a funeral service, stepping into the receiving line and expressing your sympathy, name, and relationship with the deceased to the surviving family is an ideal way of showing your respect. Additionally, be sure to sign the register book before you depart. By leaving your name and how you knew the deceased, you can help the surviving family identify and reach out to friends and acquaintances.

    Greenwood Memorial Park offers several beautiful funeral ceremonies in San Diego. If you are planning a funeral, call us today at (619) 701-6473 to learn about our services.

  • Honoring Your Loved One with Cremation [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Death is a natural part of life, but can nonetheless be difficult to think about for yourself and the people you care about. There are many end-of-life decisions to be made, including choosing between traditional burial and cremation. Cremation is becoming a more common choice as people consider environmental, economic, and practical factors. You can honor your loved ones in many different ways when they are cremated, as the remains can stay in one place or be divided up between relatives and friends. A cremation boulder in San Diego can be placed in a memorial garden, or you can choose a cremation bench which can hold the remains of many generations so that your family can stay close. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about cremation and how to honor your loved ones after they have been cremated. Please share with your friends and family.

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  • Pre-Planning Decisions to Make

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    Your day to day life probably keeps you continuously busy, and though it’s easy to put off thinking about the future, funeral pre-planning is a worthwhile use of your time. While planning your funeral services, there are several important decisions that you should be prepared to make.

    Emergency Contacts
    Your planning should begin with making a list of individuals who should be contacted in the case of a medical emergency or death. Additionally, choose which person should be informed of your pre-planning choices and consider speaking with him or her in advance regarding your decisions.

    Obituary Content
    Part of your funeral pre-planning should involve the preparation of your obituary. You can either write the memorial as you would like it to appear, or make a list of particulars that you would like it to include. Some examples of information that you may want to add are military services, words about a surviving or predeceased loved one, hobbies that you love, schools that you attended, and your maiden name or any nicknames. Additionally, decide in what places you would like your obituary to appear.

    Funeral Service
    To begin planning your funeral ceremony, start by deciding what type of service and burial you would like. You will also need to choose a cemetery lot and casket, and to select a sectional crypt or burial vault. Next, select your preferred funeral home and collect all of the necessary information. If you would prefer that people donate instead of send flowers, then name the charity of your choosing. To ensure that your funeral is carried out in the manner you would like, select any music, readings, and flowers or decorations that you might prefer. Finally, choose your pallbearers and name any preferred eulogies or speakers.

    At Greenwood Memorial Park, we can help you pre-plan a funeral near San Diego to ensure that your preferences are met after your passing and to remove the decision-making burden from your loved ones. To find out more, call us today at (619) 701-6473.