Spotlight on Ben Janzen-Bereavement Services Manager for VITAS Healthcare in San Diego

Greenwood Memorial Park In recognition of National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, Greenwood Memorial Park wishes to acknowledge Ben Janzen & Dr. Theol. Ph.D. of VITAS Healthcare in San Diego for his accomplishments in hospice and palliative care. Ben has worked in hospice for 6 years, starting as an intern within the Clinical Pastoral Education department. Ben provides information about his experiences in an interview:

What is Hospice?
Hospice care is for patients with terminal illnesses. Ben explains that it is an end-of-life option that focuses on providing comfort and quality of life to patients who can’t be cured of their conditions. The benefit of hospice is that it allows patients to experience familiarity and comfort. The care is provided by an entire team of doctors, hospice aids, social workers, chaplains, and trained volunteers.

Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Services Manager Roles
A hospice chaplain offers spiritual care services to hospice patients. They serve patients of all different cultural and faith backgrounds, meeting them where they are without imposing beliefs or agendas. After the passing of the patient, chaplains offer grief support to the family and help with memorial services.

A Rewarding Career
Ben was intrigued to work in hospice because he realized the uniqueness of the field. He feels honored to be able to make a difference to families in tough situations. He says the gratitude and feedback he receives makes it all worth it. Ben’s goal is to help everyone in need of hospice, a goal that he has held onto since he first entered the profession.

To learn more, read the full interview on our website.

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