Factors to Consider When Planning an Ash Scattering Ceremony

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An ash scattering ceremony can be a great way to provide yourself and others with closure after losing a loved one. Cremation can be a more convenient, economical, and ethical choice than a conventional burial, and you can scatter the ashes as a memorial service. Here is a look at a few factors to consider when planning an ash scattering ceremony.

The longer your life, the more opportunities you have to impact people across the world. When someone who has made many connections over time passes away, there may be a great deal of people who would like to pay their respects. If your loved one underwent cremation, an ash scattering ceremony can be a great way to memorialize the lost member of your circle. If you are the one in charge of planning the ash scattering ceremony, do your best to hold it at a time when the most people can make it. Scattering ashes is not quite as time-sensitive as burying a body, so you can choose a time that works for everyone.

The location of the ash scattering ceremony is important on a few different levels. Firstly, you will want to hold the ceremony in a place that is easily accessible to everyone who wants to attend. You should also choose a place that was significant to your friend or family member. After a cremation, it can be fulfilling to scatter the person’s ashes near his or her favorite place as a symbolic sign of appreciation and respect.

Although some people are under the impression that cremation means you can’t have a normal funeral service, this is not the case. Think about how your loved one would like his or her service to have gone, and do your best to respect those wishes. Remember that the ceremony is all about the departed.

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