Bible Mausoleum at Greenwood Memorial Park

Greenwood Memorial Park

It was 1957 when Greenwood decided on the construction of what would be known as one of the largest Mausoleums in the World. This building would be known as the Bible Mausoleum. The construction on The Bible Mausoleum began in 1958. When completed it would contain 44,000 crypts, covering two full acres of ground. The design of the Bible Mausoleum would be in modern Greek style with twelve corridors with four different floors.

One of the unique features of the Bible Mausoleum would be of the sculptures in the building which were commissioned by Greenwood and created in Carrara Italy, using their famed Carrara marble to create these beautiful sculptures. The Carrara marble is the same marble Michelangelo used for many of his pieces. Among the beautiful pieces there is a full-sized replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.”

Upon its completion in 1970, our Bible Mausoleum was featured in LIFE Magazine as “The World’s Largest Mausoleum. With its unique architecture and for its art treasures The Bible Mausoleum continues to be the most beautiful building in Greenwood and a major cultural contribution to San Diego.

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