Steps to Take When a Hospice Patient Dies at Home

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When a death happens at home, it can be confusing and distressing. Fortunately, when the patient was under hospice care, help is available from the hospice team. The funeral home you choose can also help guide you through making the proper arrangements, before, during, and after the funeral service. After a hospice patient dies at home, these are the next steps to take:

Call the Hospice Team
Typically, when someone dies at home, the initial response is to call 911. However, when the person was receiving hospice care, the first call should be the hospice team. The hospice care providers will facilitate the next steps on your behalf, such as removing the deceased from the home and taking him or her to the funeral home of your choice. The hospice team should also be aware of any desire the deceased had to donate his or her organs. They will also ensure that this happens in accordance with the deceased wishes.

Contact the Funeral Home
The hospice will work with the funeral home to receive the deceased, but you will need to contact them to begin funeral planning. When planning a funeral, you will need to make decisions about the date, types of services, and burial or cremation. If your loved one pre-planned his or her funeral, many of these decisions will be made for you. If you need to start from the beginning, the funeral home will walk you through the process and assist you in any way necessary.

Obtain Death Certificates
Death certificates are extremely important to have when you begin to settle your loved one’s affairs, such as closing accounts, transferring ownership of property, and obtaining benefits and insurance payments. Typically, you can order certified copies of the death certificate from the hospice. You can usually also order them from the funeral home.

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