What Is Direct Cremation?

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Cremation is a respectful alternative to burial. It’s commonly thought that cremation limits a family’s options for funeral arrangements. In truth, choosing cremation instead of a traditional burial actually broadens the possibilities with the funeral arrangements. One path your family may choose is direct cremation.

Defining Direct Cremation
Cremation is the process of rendering a body into its basic components. The resulting remains may be referred to as cremated remains or ashes. A family may hold a visitation and funeral service prior to the cremation, but this is certainly not mandatory. When the decedent is cremated first, before any sort of ceremony, it is referred to as a direct cremation. Direct cremations do not include a viewing of the body, although they may include a service held after the cremation.

Understanding the Reasons for Choosing It
The reasons behind funeral arrangements are always personal, but one common consideration is the travel arrangements of the mourners. When a loved one dies, family members may come from near and far to mourn their loss. It’s often difficult for those who live far away to quickly make travel arrangements, particularly when religious custom or cultural tradition dictates that the body must be cremated within a certain time period after death. Another consideration is cost. The expense of direct cremation is typically lower because there is no need to purchase a casket for the visitation, prepare the body, or transport the body to the cemetery. In other cases, the decedent may have specified the preference for direct cremation in his or her pre-need arrangements.

Considering the Memorial Options
Direct cremation does not exclude the possibility of a thoughtful memorial. Families may hold a funeral or memorial service at any time after the cremation. They may choose to inter the cremated remains at a columbarium or memorial bench. Alternatively, cremated remains may be respectfully scattered, made into cremation jewelry, or even shot into space. There are many memorial options to suit the personality of every decedent.

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