Introducing Mirror Lake at Greenwood Memorial Park

Cremation San Diego
Greenwood Memorial Park & Mortuary is pleased to announce the opening of our new cremation garden, Mirror Lake. Mirror Lake is situated at the center of our cemetery and offers an array of options for families seeking both cremation options and traditional burial.

Mirror Lake features beautiful amenities, including a running stream, footbridge, and fountain. Private family estates are available for families who prefer cremation and those who are choosing traditional burial. For those seeking individual cremation options, we offer granite niches, pedestals, benches, and many other features that allow you to design a personalized memorial for your loved one.

To learn more about Mirror Lake, contact Greenwood Memorial Park & Mortuary today. We’re pleased to offer a variety of options to accommodate every preference and budget. Be sure to also ask about the rest of the services at our funeral home in San Diego, including funeral pre-planning and grief counseling. Contact us today by calling (619) 701-6473.

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