Funeral Pre-Planning: Selecting Your Burial Clothing

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Pre-planning your funeral gives you the opportunity to make choices both major and minor to ensure the ceremony proceeds exactly as you prefer. One oft-overlooked detail is the burial outfit. It’s common to select the most meaningful outfit you possess, such as a military uniform or even a favorite football jersey. Many people choose formal wear for this occasion, but you should feel free to choose whatever outfit you’d like to wear to your grave.

Before making your final decision, consider whether your surviving family members would regret you being buried in a certain outfit, as they’ll never see it again. Maybe you’d prefer to pass on your military uniform as part of your family’s history. The same might apply to wedding rings and heirloom jewelry. If you want to make sure that your loved ones will keep these items, instead of feeling as though they ought to bury you in them, specify your preferences in your funeral plan.

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