• Combining Cremation and Burial

    When many people go about planning a funeral, they think that they must choose between cremation and traditional casket interment within a burial plot. However, there are quite a few more options available for memorializing yourself or your loved one after death. One of those options is combining cremation and burial. Some people choose to bury cremated remains for religious reasons. Other people chose to combine cremation and burial remains because it is more cost-effective than standard burial.

    Burying cremated remains in the grounds of a memorial park enables friends and family to visit the burial plot in the same way that they would visit any other loved one’s final resting place. Guests can bring flowers to rest on a memorial or simply sit in the picturesque park and remember the departed.

    If you are exploring your options for final arrangements at cemeteries in San Diego, call Greenwood Memorial Park at (619) 701-6473. We can aid you in choosing a method of interment that honors the life of a loved one.