• Helpful Advice for Delivering a Eulogy

    Funeral San Diego

    If you have been selected to deliver a eulogy at a funeral service for a loved one, you may feel a complex mix of emotions. Delivering a eulogy is a high honor that only a few people will have the opportunity to execute during a funeral service for a loved one. Being selected to deliver a eulogy during a funeral ceremony can also fill many people with a sense of anxiety as they attempt to find the right words to celebrate the life of a close friend or family member.

    When you begin to draft the words to the eulogy that you will deliver, it is important to take time to remember exactly what it was about the recently deceased that make him or her special in your life. Recounting shared experiences and unique personality traits can help guests at the funeral to work through the grief of loss.

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  • Proper Funeral Etiquette

    If you are planning to attend a funeral service near San Diego, it is important to act in a way that respects the life of the deceased. Watch this video for social etiquette tips.

    Attending a funeral service for a loved one is difficult under any circumstances, but it is important to always be respectful. Black is standard attire for funeral services, but you can also opt for dark gray or navy. When attending funeral services, always bring a card or flowers to offer the family members of the deceased.

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