• Demonstrating Respect at a Funeral

    Funeral San Diego

    When attending a funeral service, it’s common for people to worry about saying or doing something that might offend the mourning family. However, by following a few simple guidelines, you can help ensure that you respectfully show your grief over the loss of the deceased.

    Express your sympathy.
    While it doesn’t have to be elaborate, it’s important to express your sympathy in some way. Just a few understanding words are enough to show the surviving family your respect for the deceased and your sympathy regarding their loss. During the funeral service, make a point to listen attentively and remain polite with your words.

    Wear appropriate clothing.
    When it comes to attire, what is considered respectful or not has changed drastically in recent years. For example, at some funerals, wearing black is not required, and still others will include a request for no black to be worn at all. The funeral announcement is likely to contain information about any particular dress code guidelines. Even if black is not required, bear in mind that it can be viewed as more respectful to not wear anything too wild or brash to the funeral.

    Give a gift.
    By bringing or sending an offering to the family, you can help express your respect for the deceased. In some cases, the family will prefer donations to a designated charity, rather than gifts or flowers. If this is the case, you should find the charity noted in the funeral announcement.

    Introduce Yourself
    When attending a funeral service, stepping into the receiving line and expressing your sympathy, name, and relationship with the deceased to the surviving family is an ideal way of showing your respect. Additionally, be sure to sign the register book before you depart. By leaving your name and how you knew the deceased, you can help the surviving family identify and reach out to friends and acquaintances.

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  • Water Conservation Efforts at Greenwood Memorial Park

    The recent environmental crisis in California has changed the way many Californians look at the water supply. We at Greenwood Memorial Park are no exception. Governor Jerry Brown’s recent mandatory water restrictions have encouraged us to reevaluate water usage at our cemetery. As a result, we’re doing things a little differently around here in order to reduce our overall water consumption.

    First, we are complying with the water restrictions by decreasing the daily and weekly levels of irrigation to the grass of our park. We are also in the midst of researching additional methods for reducing our water usage. One option that has caught our eye is a landscaping method called xeriscaping. This environmental design uses water-conserving techniques to decrease the need for supplemental irrigation. In addition, we are investigating new technology that could help us do our part to conserve water during this environmental crisis.

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