• How to Plan a Funeral

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    Planning a funeral is an important job that almost everyone will need to handle at some point in life. Whether you are looking for help with planning a funeral for a loved one who has recently passed or seeking funeral pre-planning advice for yourself, the following points will simplify the process.

    Choose a Method of Interment
    The first step of planning a funeral is to determine if you will select in-ground burial or cremation services. If you are executing the final wishes of a loved one, he or she may have specified his or her preferred method of interment in a will. Many people choose cemetery cremation, in which your ashes will be housed on the grounds of a memorial park. There are also numerous options if you opt for burial. In-ground burial and above-ground entombment are options that you will want to consider.

    Choose a Location
    The location that you choose for your own interment or for that of a loved one is very important. Look for a memorial park that provides a manicured and peaceful environment where every detail has been considered. Some memorial parks offer services that go above and beyond the norm, such as grief and healing counseling and funeral planning assistance. Finally, if you are planning the funeral of a loved one, it is important to consider what would have made him or her happiest. A location that allows for visits from friends and family members can ease the pain of loss.

    Choose a Memorial
    Funeral pre-planning enables you to select a memorial that is to your taste. Regardless of whether you choose cremation or burial, your final resting place can be marked with an elegant memorial. If you choose in-ground burial you will want to select a flat or upright marker. Those who choose cremation can opt to have their remains buried in a burial plot or housed in another location.

    If you are seeking funeral services for a loved one or planning your funeral near San Diego, get in touch with Greenwood Memorial Park at (619) 701-6473. We are here to assist you in every way as you go about planning a funeral.

  • Helpful Advice for Delivering a Eulogy

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    If you have been selected to deliver a eulogy at a funeral service for a loved one, you may feel a complex mix of emotions. Delivering a eulogy is a high honor that only a few people will have the opportunity to execute during a funeral service for a loved one. Being selected to deliver a eulogy during a funeral ceremony can also fill many people with a sense of anxiety as they attempt to find the right words to celebrate the life of a close friend or family member.

    When you begin to draft the words to the eulogy that you will deliver, it is important to take time to remember exactly what it was about the recently deceased that make him or her special in your life. Recounting shared experiences and unique personality traits can help guests at the funeral to work through the grief of loss.

    Greenwood Memorial Park can help you to plan a custom funeral service near San Diego. Call us to discuss how we can be of assistance at (619) 701-6473. In addition to funeral services, we can also help you to arrange cremation services and help to select a memorial or burial plot.

  • Tips for Writing an Obituary

    If you’re planning a funeral service or cremation service, you may want to place an obituary in your local paper or on the funeral home’s website. If you’re pre-planning your funeral, you can write your own obituary ahead of time to ensure it says exactly what you want it to say.

    An obituary provides the reader with notice of death, a brief biography of the deceased’s life, and information about funeral services, burial services, or a request for donations. An obituary should be accurate above all, but it does not need to be lengthy. It should serve as a personalized memorial to the deceased, and a fitting honor to the life he lead. It should include a date of birth, date of death, list of survivors, and the date, time, and location of the funeral service or memorial service.

    At Greenwood Memorial Park, our experienced funeral home staff can guide you carefully through every step of planning a funeral service near San Diego. We can also offer grief counseling and grief support services for you and your family. To learn more about our cremation and funeral services, call us today at (619) 701-6473.

  • Demonstrating Proper Funeral Etiquette

    When you attend a funeral service at a funeral home, memorial park, or cemetery, you are there to provide grief support and encouragement for the family that is grieving. You should always behave respectfully in order to honor the dead and properly support the grieving family.

    Watch this video for information about proper funeral service etiquette. Steve Spann, a funeral home director, offers advice about how you should behave at a funeral ceremony or cremation ceremony, and how to properly demonstrate respect for the deceased and his family.

    If you’re looking for a funeral home and memorial park near San Diego that can assist you in planning a funeral service and cremation service, come see us at Greenwood Memorial Park. We can help with funeral arrangements and cemetery arrangements, and also offer funeral pre-planning services. To learn more about our funeral home and its services, call us today at (619) 701-6473.

  • What to Consider When You Pre-Plan a Funeral

    Funeral pre-planning allows you to make important decisions regarding the funeral home, cemetery options, burial plot, and personalized memorial you would prefer after death. When you pre-plan a funeral, you can also protect your family from additional financial and emotional grief associated with making funeral arrangements. Here are some important factors to consider when planning your funeral or cremation service.

    Your Preferred Funeral Home, Crematorium, and Cemetery Arrangements

    You must decide which funeral home, crematorium, and cemetery to use. If you chose cremation, you must also determine which columbarium you’d like to be entombed in, or which memorial park or cremation garden your ashes should be scattered in. The director at your funeral home or crematorium will guide you through your cremation and cemetery options. You may need to pick out a burial plot, casket, urn, or personalized memorial.

    Your Financial Options

    Some crematoriums and funeral homes that specialize in pre-planning funerals will allow you to pre-pay for funeral service or cremation services. You can set up a payment plan and investigate your funeral insurance options. This will prevent the need for family or friends to worry about paying for your funeral or cremation themselves.

    If you’re interested in assistance in planning your funeral near San Diego, come see us at Greenwood Memorial Park. Our experienced, compassionate funeral home staff has experience in funeral pre-planning, and we can accommodate funeral, burial, and cremation services for all religions and cultures. To learn more about how to pre-plan a funeral, call us today at (619) 701-6473.

  • The Environmental Benefits of Cremation

    As we learn more about the environmental impact of burial, more and more people are choosing cremation services rather than burial in a cemetery. Cremation ceremonies, followed by the scattering of ashes in a cremation garden, or entombment in a columbarium, are much more eco-friendly than burial plots. Here’s a look at the environmental benefits of cremation when compared to burial in a cemetery.

    Conserves Natural Land

    A burial plot in a cemetery requires the permanent use of valuable natural land. A casket, body, and personalized memorial are placed in the burial plot for all time, preventing use of the land for something else. After cremation, remains can be scattered in a memorial park or cremation garden, turned into cremation jewelry or a cremation boulder, or entombed in a columbarium.

    Prevents Release of Toxins into the Earth

    Before placing a body in a cemetery burial plot, it must be embalmed using dangerous chemicals. The body must be placed in a casket, typically made from metal, wood, and fabrics also treated with chemicals. As the body and casket break down over time, they release harmful toxins into the earth, polluting the environment. A body doesn’t need to be embalmed prior to cremation, and a casket won’t be buried in a cemetery.

    Preserves Energy and Resources

    In general, cremation services require fewer resources and less energy. The cremation process itself consumes very little energy. Cremation doesn’t require the manufacturing of a casket, or production and use of chemicals or natural land. A cremation service simply consists of cremation, then scattering the ashes in a memorial park or conserving them in an urn or cremation jewelry.

    If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of cremation services near San Diego, come see us at Greenwood Memorial Park. Our funeral home holds an on-site crematorium, columbarium, cemetery garden, and memorial park. Our staff can assist you in choosing the right cremation options, cremation ceremony, and personalized memorial for your needs. To learn more about our cremation and funeral services, call us today at (619) 701-6473.

  • Why Funeral Pre-Planning Could Be the Right Choice for You

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    Funeral pre-planning has become increasingly popular in recent years. With funeral pre-planning, you can ensure that your final wishes are respected. Most importantly, planning your funeral service and memorial allows you to bring your loved ones together during a difficult time. Without the stress of planning funeral services, your closest friends and family can focus on healing. Continue reading to learn more about why funeral pre-planning may be the right choice for your family.

    Alleviates Stress
    One of the biggest benefits of funeral pre-planning is that it alleviates stress for your loved ones. Planning a funeral can be overwhelming, especially with so many other arrangements to be made. When you work with a funeral home to plan cremation services or select a burial plot ahead of time, your family will not have to worry about last-minute arrangements after your passing. Instead, they can celebrate your life with memorial services.

    Respects Wishes
    Funeral pre-planning is also the best way to make sure your final wishes are honored. The decision between cemetery cremation, burial in a cemetery, and traditional cremation is a deeply personal one. Many people also feel strongly about the religious passages or texts they would like to have read during their funeral service. When you make your own funeral arrangements, you can select everything from your final disposition method to the music that will be played at your procession.

    Saves Money
    Planning a funeral ahead of time almost always saves money. With funeral pre-planning, you can select the best funeral home for your needs. Planning your funeral gives you time to create a budget, and you may be able to pre-pay or guarantee a certain price. If you leave your affairs to your family, they may feel understandably rushed and end up overspending.

    Greenwood Memorial Park is pleased to offer comprehensive funeral pre-planning services. To make sure your final wishes are respected and alleviate your loved ones’ stress during an already difficult time, contact us to discuss planning your funeral. You can visit our beautiful memorial park near San Diego in person or call us at (619) 701-6473 to find out more.

  • The Basics of Arranging a Funeral

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    If you are planning funeral ceremonies in San Diego, your first step should be to contact an experienced funeral home. A funeral home can guide you through the process of arranging a funeral service, including selecting a burial plot at a cemetery, arranging personalized memorials, and customizing the ceremony with things like veterans honors.

    Planning a funeral service does not have to be overwhelming. If you have recently lost a loved one or are anticipating a loss, your first step should be to contact a funeral home. After your loved one passes, you will need to arrange for his or her transportation to your funeral home of choice. Next, you will need to make important decisions about funeral services and disposition of the body. If the deceased passed without a will or final wishes, your funeral home can help you determine the best arrangements. If necessary, you can purchase a burial plot at a cemetery at this time.

    If you are planning a funeral service for a loved one or funeral pre-planning for yourself, Greenwood Memorial Park is here for you. You can reach our funeral home by calling (619) 701-6473.

  • Understanding the Benefits of Cremation

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    Cremation services come with many benefits. Due to shifting demographic and economic factors and changes in personal preferences, cremation has become more popular than ever before. Today, funeral homes allow individuals to customize their cremation however they see fit. Cremation ceremonies are an especially meaningful way to acknowledge the life of the deceased. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of cremation.

    Celebrates Life
    Many people choose cremation as a way to celebrate the life of a deceased loved one. While direct cremation is sometimes preferred, more and more families are selecting cremation services accompanied by a memorial or other commemorative ceremony. Planning memorial services is often therapeutic for those left behind. Most importantly, a memorial allows beloved friends and family members to join together to commemorate a life well lived.

    Preserves the Environment
    Cremation is beneficial because it is environmentally friendly. Whether you scatter your loved one’s ashes, select a beautiful urn to keep with you at all times, or pick a cremation garden as a final resting place, cremation allows you to avoid the use of embalming chemicals. For individuals interested in green funeral services or departed loved ones who always sought to minimize their carbon footprint, cremation may be the ideal choice.

    Remains Affordable
    Cremation has long been embraced for its affordability. For individuals who do not want to burden their loved ones with additional expenses when they pass, cremation is simply more affordable. Rather than selecting a casket and burial plot, loved ones can dedicate the additional resources to planning personalized memorials.

    To learn about the cremation services offered by Greenwood Memorial Park, call us at (619) 701-6473. We offer personalized memorials and cremation ceremonies in San Diego and can help you celebrate the life of your loved one. We also have cremation boulders and a cremation garden to help memorialize those who have passed.

  • Proper Funeral Etiquette

    If you are planning to attend a funeral service near San Diego, it is important to act in a way that respects the life of the deceased. Watch this video for social etiquette tips.

    Attending a funeral service for a loved one is difficult under any circumstances, but it is important to always be respectful. Black is standard attire for funeral services, but you can also opt for dark gray or navy. When attending funeral services, always bring a card or flowers to offer the family members of the deceased.

    Are you planning a funeral service? Contact Greenwood Memorial Park to find out how we can help you arrange funeral services. Call (619) 701-6473 for more information.