Funeral Pre-Planning

An increasing number of people are choosing to plan their funerals in advance, both to remove a burden from their families and to ensure that their wishes are fulfilled. The staff at Greenwood Memorial Park & Mortuary can guide you through the process of pre-planning your memorial service and interment, allowing both you and your family to feel greater peace of mind.

Planning a Funeral
When you are planning a funeral, there are two major decisions that you will have to make: choosing your method of interment, and deciding on the arrangements for your memorial service.

Choosing your method of interment. There are three common methods of interment that you can choose from:

  • Above-ground entombment. In this method, your casket will be kept in an above-ground structure called a mausoleum. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of burial, or if you wish your family to be able to visit your casket, this approach may be right for you.
  • In-ground burial. This is the traditional means of interment using a casket. At Greenwood Memorial Park & Mortuary, we have 125 acres of tranquil and scenic land with a view of the ocean, offering numerous beautiful spots where your loved one’s casket can be laid to rest.
  • Cremation. If you opt for incineration of the body, there are a number of options for keeping the cremated remains. You may keep them in an urn, place them in a columbarium or a cremation boulder, scatter them, or preserve them in another way.

Planning a memorial service.
When you sit down to plan your memorial service, you will need to decide where the service will be held, what time of day it will be held, and what music will be played during the service. You may also wish certain people to speak at your memorial service, or that certain poems be read. Your memorial service can be as simple or as ornate as you wish; what matters is that it reflects your life, your personality, and your legacy. Pre-planning your own memorial service ensures that these important decisions will not be made in a hurry by a bereaved family, but in advance according to your own wishes.

If you would like to plan a funeral near San Diego, visit Greenwood Memorial Park & Mortuary today. Our friendly staff will be happy to provide you with a tour of our park grounds and give you information about our funeral and memorial options. To reach our offices today, call (619) 701-6473.